Mimi Harteg

Visual artist, author, and illustrator.

Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1968.

Lived on the Danish island, Bornholm, 1982-1986 and again 1989-2014.

Lived in Berlin, Germany, 2014-2021.

Now (Februrary 2022) living in Korsør, Denmark, since October 2021.

When I, 17 years old, left my mothers home at Bornholm and moved to Copenhagen, I had lived in about 29 places around in Denmark and Greece. 21 years old I got pregnant and moved back to Bornholm.

When my kids was small, I wrote and illustrated children books. Now I am writing mostly for adolts, still waiting for and working hard on my big breakthrougt as an novel author.

In 2006 I started painting with oil, and in 2014 I moved to Berlin becourse of my art. After 7 years in Berlin, I stopped painting and moved back to Denmark and setteld down in Korsør, where I am still living. After a few month I realised, that I could not live without creating art. Now I work in other materiels and teknicks. You can read much more about me and my art here on my webside and see and buy my art works.

SPEAKING Danish, English and German


Curriculum Vitae for Mimi Harteg


1996-1999: Children’s book illustrator (Den fri Ungdomsuddannelse)

2002-2006: School teacher (KDAS-Bornholm)


1997-1999: Art teacher (Bornholms Billedskole for Børn, Østerlars, Denmark)

1998: Debuted as a children’s book illustrator

1999: Debuted as a children’s book author

2001-2008: Teaching school kids to write and illustrate their own children’s books

2005-2006: Substitude on Østermarie Skole, Bornholm, Denmark.

2006/07: Permanent teacher on Aaker Skole, Åkirkeby, Denmark.

Since that: Working as a visual artist and writing for adults


1989: Rønne Rådhus/town hall, Denmark – drawings, watercolors, sculptures

1990: Søndermarksskolen, Denmark – drawings, watercolors

1990: Aaker Skole, Denmark – drawings, watercolors

1996: Gallery Den Gamle Rådstue, Denmark – drawings, watercolors

2006: KDAS-Bornholm, Denmark – drawings, watercolors, photo, sculptures, acrylic and oil paintings

2007: Børnehaven v/Nationalmuseet i Brede, Denmark – oil paintings

2007: Hallegaard, Østermarie, Denmark – oil paintings

2008: Bornholms Centralsygehus, Denmark – oil paintings

2008: 2020 Visions, Copenhagen, Denmark – acrylic paintings

2008: Bornholms Censurerede Efterårsudstilling/juried exhibition, Denmark – two oil paintings

2009: Galleri Rasch, Rønne, Denmark – oil and acrylic paintings

2009: Bornholms Censurerede Efterårsudstilling/juried exhibition, Denmark – two oil paintings

2011: Galleri Vang, Denmark – oil paintings

2011: Gallery Den gamle Rådstue, Denmark – oil paintings

2012: Bornholms Lufthavn/airport, Denmark – oil paintings

2012: Galleri Vang, Denmark – oil paintings

2015: Gallery Fellini, Berlin, Germany – oil paintings


1985: Fantasy, 200 x200 cm, Klemensker Skole, Denmark

2002: Aurochs, 400 x 450 cm, Mønstergård, Denmark

2003: Mare With Foal, 165 x 240 cm, Mønstergård, Denmark

2008: Out Of Darkness, 135 x 234 cm, Bornholms psykiatriske Center, Denmark

2012: A Hole In The Wall, 260×208 cm, Bornholms Lufthavn/airport, Denmark

2015: Children On The Stairs, 200×400 cm, Gallery Fellini, Berlin, Germany


1998: Children’s book: Jeg er en glad lille cowboy, Klematis, illustrations

1998: Children’s book: Mæ, si’r det lille lam, Klematis, illustrations

1999: Children’s book: Prins Lilleknud gik ud en tidlig morgen, Gyldendal, text and illustrations

2001: Children’s book: Tirsdag på bagtrappen, Gyldendal, text and illustrations

2001: Audiobook: Tirsdag på bagtrappen, Gyldendal, text og cover illustration

2001: Bâgarahorrinjs Âria/Bagerdrengens eventyr, Bornholms Tidendes Forlag, cover illustration

2002: Landet længere væk, Høst og Søn, contributer as illustrator

2003: Letlæsningsbog: Svinedrengen, alinea, illustrations (sold to Sweden)

2006: Guldnæsen – og andre ord og billeder, Høst og Søn, contributer as illustrator

2009: Skrifte, novel by Synnøve Søe, PeoplesPress, cover illustration

2015: Forbudt torsdag, novel by Synnøve Søe, Tiderne Skifter, cover illustration

2021: Historier fra psykiatrien, collection of short stories, Forlaget Klippe, I have contributed with two short stories

Other illustrations and text tasks:

1999-2007: Poster and illustrations for Dansk Rideforbund

2001: Freelance articles to Bornholms Tidende/newspaper

2004: Bornholms Centralbiblioteks Internet search site for children

2004: Bornholms Centralbibliotek, logo

Awards and scholarships:

1998: Working grant from Autorkontoens illustratorpulje, illustrations

2000: Working grant from Autorkontoen, children’s book text

2000: Working grant from Autorkontoen, illustrations

2000: Working grant from fra Litteraturrådet, Børnelitteratur, children’s book text

2008: KulturBornholms Illustratorpris



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